Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NexPort Solutions releases NexPort Campus v. 5.0.9, providing users with increased speed for section listings, bug fixes and improved UI, introduces NexPort Scheduling Services

OKLAHOMA CITY – March 25, 2014 – NexPort Solutions Group is excited to announce NexPort Campus v. 5.0.9 point release, which introduces NexPort Scheduling Services. This release adds a force repair feature to fix broken transcript records, few visual enhancements, increased speed and fixes numerous bugs.

New Features
Customer Service now has the ability to force repair any broken transcript records. Force generating transcript records allows fixes broken transcript records for students whose records have stopped synchronizing with a student's enrollments.

Performance Enhancements
With 5.0.9, NexPort users will experience a new way in which the system handles scheduled jobs. NexPort Campus now uses a separate service for scheduled jobs called NexPort Scheduling Services, which runs on its own server, compared to previous versions that ran on NexPort Campus servers. NSS ensures background work, such as deleting large organizations, cleaning up subscriptions or indexing user accounts, will not affect the performance of the main user interface.

Users will also experience faster loading of section listings. NexPort Campus section listings in Group Management will now load at a faster speed.

Major Bugs Fixes
With this release, NexPort users will also find issues they may have previously encountered now resolved. NexPort software engineers work closely with customer service to fix any bugs users might confront. One of these bug fixes includes edit options showing correctly when selecting the top organization in the “Recent” groups listing. Before, this option was showing the edit options as non-editable.  

Users will also no longer receive an error when filtering or sorting by “Last Assignment Activity Date” column. Last Assignment Activity Date is not a sortable column in the system. It was inadvertently made sortable in the UI. The column is no longer sortable as of this release.

Other error fixes include:
  • Uploading a file in the transcript evaluation tool no longer generates an error and allows users to upload the file without complication.
  • NexPort internal reporting system pagination for enrollment reports now correctly generates blank pages, while it had previously generated them Ad infinitum.
  • Last update dates in the Ed2go integration API logging now show correctly.
  • Searches for organizations and groups in the Group Management search tool was broken in 5.0.8 and now works again.
  • The database connection pool size can now be configured by system administrators.
  • When running a subscription report, a column for “Number of Enrollments” is available. This column was not being updated properly.

About NexPort Campus
NexPort Campus is a secure, hosted learning and knowledge management system. NexPort Campus also supports interactive engagement within learning communities through the use of videos, organization-wide calendar, shared documents, organization-wide webpages and threaded discussions. Additional system features include data interoperability with external systems, secure digital libraries with subscriber-only access and an integrated Student Information System (SIS).

NexPort Campus also allows clients to provide their learners with customized, on-demand training and education environment. Clients operate within their own branded portals to deliver their unique content and services independently of each other. Customers may subdivide their portals to establish and manage subordinate secure portals for their customers, subsidiaries or divisions. Each portal provides privacy protection and security. Your custom portal can be setup with Secure Sockets Layer technology (128-bit encryption) and a custom domain.

NexPort Solutions Group enables educators and learners to use NexPort Campus to create, organize and hold webmeetings using NexPort Solutions Group’s own NexMeeting. NexMeeting promotes virtual learning, providing users with the ability to share desktops, hold conversations using headset and telephonic audio, survey meeting participants and share videos, PowerPoint slides, photos and documents using the whiteboard.


{{{LEAVE THE LINE BELOW IN PLACE}}} About NexPort Solutions Group
NexPort Solutions Group is a division of Darwin Global, LLC, a systems and software engineering company that provides innovative, cost-effective training solutions and support for federal, state and local government, as well as the private sector.


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