Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Playing YouTube Videos in a Media Assignment

In this tutorial I will describe how to play a YouTube video in a NexPort Campus Media Assignment.

What You'll Need

  • The embed code for a YouTube video
  • Familiarity with creating Sections and Assignments and Permissions to edit a Section and it's assignments
  • The attached YouTube Wrapper File

Step 1

First you must obtain the EMBED code for your video from YouTube. In order to do this you must navigate to the video you wish to use. Below the video find the link that says SHARE and then find the link that says EMBED. YouTube will provide you with the code in a textarea (see image to the left). Copy this code.
Embed Code on YouTube

Step 2

Next you must download the wrapper file and replace the IFRAME code with the code you obtained from YouTube.
Code to be replaced in wrapper
Save the file with the replaced code.

Step 3

Finally you must log into NexPort Campus and create a media assignment. Select the Upload Media option and use the Upload Media button to upload the wrapper file with the new embed code. Save the assignment and use the View Media button to test it or enroll in the section and check it out.

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