Friday, November 15, 2013

NexPort Solutions Introduces NexPort Reporting Services

OKLAHOMA CITY – July 1, 2013 – NexPort Solutions is proud to announce its newest product, NexPort Reporting Services (NRS). NRS offers fast-loading adhoc and comparison reports with detailed help documentation.

NRS reports load quickly using Solr, a document database, rather than a relational database. The latest release from NRS also presents report data with compact tabular display. The site provides users with step-by-step web-based help guides to assist the user every step of the way.

Adhoc Reports

NRS offers NexPort engineers developed a human-readable filter within the NRS Custom Report Builder, as well as provided the users with the ability to filter and display all mapped student data from NexPort Campus, the corresponding LMS.  Training plan enrollment reporting allows users access to pacing data, with assignment status and transcript reporting also available.

Users are now able to save and share custom reports with permitted users in a group, as well as set reports to send to select users’ email addresses on a schedule. The scheduled report email notifications can be set up using the flexible scheduling interface. Permitted users may also save, view and/or download reports any time. Reports are also auto-saved for each report type within NRS, so even if you forget to save your report, a saved version is available.

NexPort users now also have the capability to convert previously created NexPort Campus reports into an NRS report. This is a simple and painless transition, with NRS being developed to better serve NexPort Campus report users.

Comparison Reports

NRS also provides users with comparison reports, which allow the user to compare pacing, comparison and/or transcript data for members of a group. Comparison reports allow the user to focus on specific student data in the comparison. Users are also able to save a group to their “Favorites” for easy loading of comparison data.

About NexPort Solutions Group
NexPort Solutions Group is a division of Darwin Global, LLC, a systems and software engineering company that provides innovative, cost-effective training solutions and support for federal, state and local government, as well as the private sector.

Media Contact:
Darcy Delaney
Documentation Specialist
Darwin Global Enterprises


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